Office Location:

Lymedale Business Park, Newcastle Under Lyme, ST59QF

About Us


Is to make our customers more successful and profitable.  
We will do this by adding real value, understanding and assistance to their goals. 

  • To be our clients’ first choice for bespoke solutions
  • To be an integral part of their development, design and manufacturing activities to add value, simplicity and reliability
  • To enhance new product time to market and help deliver best in class products
  • To be a loyal and trusted customer to our manufacturing partners and build understanding by relating to their people and their organisation
  • To create for our employees an environment that is challenging, fulfilling and yet fun
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Openness
  • Fairness
  • Accountability

Why choose Orbit

  • Established and independently audited supplier base
  • Established and credible supplier relationships built-up over two decades 
  • Logistics made easy
  • UK based Mandarin speakers
  • Vendor reduction
  • Mainland China office 
  • Flexibility – stock holding and JIT support
  • Buffer stock, consignment stock
  • UK Credit terms 
  • Increased cash flow 

What are our customers saying?


Customer Satisfaction Feedback 2018

Quality Products/Services - 9.05
Sales Team - 9.37
Technical Support - 8.74
Our Delivery Process - 8.76
Product Range - 8.26
Communication Skills - 8.89
Clarity of Documentation - 8.76
Staff Helpfulness - 9.53
Problem Response - 8.58
ISO 9001 Importance - 9.37

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Over two decades empowering UK manufacturers.